visitors protocol

corona certificate

From September 6, 2021 you get access to Theater Ins Blau with your Corona Certificate.

Theater Ins Blau respects the COVID-19 regulations from the Dutch Government and Netherlands Institute for Public Health and Environment.

Due to these regulations Theater Ins Blau allows only access to people with a Corona Certificate.

All Dutch Theatres and Theatre-producers agreed to follow the regulations for events from September 2021 onwards.

More information on the Corona Certificate you can find on

visitor protocol covid-19

We work with a protocol to ensure that your visit to Theater Ins Blau proceeds safely.

Facemask: Wearing a facemask is no longer obligated in our theatre.

Ticket sales:  It is only possible to buy tickets online or by telephone. Ticket sales at cash register are not possible. Visitors that reserve tickets by telephone receive a pay-link by e-mail. The link is available for 24 hours. After 24 hours the reservation will be canceled.

Corona Certificate: At entrance our staff will scan your Corona Certificate and check your ID. Only people with a valid Corona Certificate are allowed in Theater Ins Blau. If you are 13 years or older you need a Corona Certificate

Ticket control: The ticket control takes place at the cash register. Here are protection screens. Before the ticketcontrol our staff will scan your Corona Certificate

Safety: Desinfectant hand gel is ready upon arrival. Disinfect your hands with this. Stick to the RIVM measures.

Walking route and bar:  Follow the walking route in our foyer. You will pass the bar in the foyer upstairs. You can order your drink here. It is not allowed to bring your drink in the hall.

Foyer: The foyer and bar are open after the play. In foyer and bar keeping a distance of 1,5 meter and have a seat is still regulation. You can order your free drink after the play and take a seat in the foyer.

Toilet use:  Please use the toilet only in a case of emergency. You can enter the toilets only before or after entering the hall.

Seating theater hall: Theater Ins Blau will be working with free seating from September 6, 2021. You can choose your own seating in the hall. The 1,5 meter rule is no regulation in the hall. To offer our visitors enough space during walk-inn, the hall will be open 15 minutes prior to start play.

Applause and leave:  Stay seated during the applause. Don't get up. Departure from the hall takes place per row from behind. Pay attention to the instructions of our employees.