Your performance, course or workshop in Theater Ins Blau

You can hire various spaces in Theater Ins Blau for your performance, course or workshop.

We have an auditorium and 3 studio's.

The auditorium can be hired for one or multiple days.



Theater Ins Blau has 3 studios with each its own characteristics.

Ideal for rehearsals or theatre, dance, musical or vocal workshops.

The studios are available per morning, afternoon or evening or for a full day. This is inclusive of cleaning and a basic sound installation.


Dance studio

75m2 including an extra dressing room

With a ballet floor,  mirror wall, ballet-barre

Theatre studio 


ballet floor, mirror wall, black curtains

Music studio




The studios can be adapted to your needs. Use of tables and chairs is included in the price.


Our auditorium is for hire for your dance school's performance, or your own theatre society or your very own stand-up show.

Theater Ins Blau offers excellent technical facilities with support from one of our professional theatre technicians.

  • Height underneath grid: 5,50m
  • Performance space: 12 x 11 m (between legs 10 x 10m. Please note: legs hang on the inside of the side bridges. Height underneath side bridges is 3,50m2)
  • The stand offers 201 seats. This is fixed. The first two rows are mobile. You could place people in a wheelchair or a walking aid here or enlarge the stage to 11 x 11m between the legs
  • Backstage there are 2 dressing rooms available with shower and toilet



Theater Ins Blau has a beamer and screen, so the auditorium can also be used for film viewings.

Bar and Foyer

Use of the foyer is included in the hire of the auditorium. Here you will find the box office and bar.


We can also do ticket sales on your behalf.



For more information, prices and dates, please contact Mirjam Hensgens.