Studenten and CJP-card

Are you student or do you have an CJP-Cultuurkaart. With your studentcard or CJP-card you can see a play for € 14,50 (incl 1 drink).

You can book your tickets in our webshop. Bring your studentcard or CJP-card with your ticket to the play.

One drink is included in your ticket. You can purchase this at our bar afterwards.


Last minute discount for students: see it for € 10,-

Purchase your tickets at the night cashier for the play that night. With your studentcard you only pay € 10,-.

The night cashier is open 1 hour prior to start.

We are public

Theater Ins Blau is partner of We Are Public. We offer every month a selection of our programm for the We Are Public-programm. We Are Public-members visit this selection with their We-are-Public membership-pass.

Visit to see what is the programm and to reserve your ticket.

Collect your ticket at our night cashier with your We Are Public membership-pass before 20.15u.


Theater Ins Blau is partner of Podiumpas. With Podiumpas you can visit all performances in our Programm.

With your Podiumpass you can make a ticketreservation by sending an e-mail to

Reserved tickets need to be collected before 20.15u at the nightcashier.